Gender-Responsive, Trauma-Informed Programming

Women’s Campaign International strives to provide women and girls across the globe with the resources they need to become leaders in their communities.

WCI has developed several women’s initiatives with grassroots organizations that give women the opportunity to lead. By mobilizing efforts around community solutions, women learn the importance of local engagement, economic sustainability, and conflict transformation.

The tools women learn through WCI’s initiatives inform their abilities as entrepreneurs through financial literacy programs, economic empowerment, communication, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and ultimately inspire their own business development and ownership goals.

Growing and Nurturing Women’s Voices

Growing and nurturing women’s voices to empower their public advocacy and local engagement through initiative training on gender equality, federal, state, local, and international government relations, NGO coalition building, and policy and legislative reform provide women the tools they need to ignite real change.

Leadership in the face of conflict is another critical element of WCI’s initiative programs. Women learn to lead in times of crisis through support with an emphasis on relief, infrastructure support, and the development of educational programs.


Explore the various campaigns supported by WCI around the world
Since 2010, GALS has equipped teenage girls in WCI’s home community of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the leadership skills, confidence, and connections necessary to create meaningful social change. more less

GALS International

Based on the success of WCI’s virtual GALS programming during the pandemic, WCI has expanded to include a virtual GALS program for participants in Kenya and Malawi. Working with our local partners on the ground, WCI is creating a tech center to ensure our virtual programming is accessible to all interested participants. more less
WCI is co-creating a series of virtual workshops with health, communications, and social influence professionals to equip Philly youth with a modern advocacy toolkit and coach them through campaigning to creatively address vaccine hesitancy. more less


RAP aims to equip teenage girls with the knowledge and support they need to make healthy decisions for their futures. more less
Since 2006, WCI has worked with Parliament and grassroots organizations to facilitate women's education and training in leadership, communication, community engagement, and entrepreneurship. WCI facilitated conversations between men and women to improve leadership, diplomacy, and inter-gender communications. Our initiative mobilized rural populations to network strategies on women’s rights issues, girls’ education, and the well-being of families and future generations in Afghanistan. more less

East Jerusalem

WCI in collaboration Sigma Labs is creating an entrepreneurship-based course for women in East Jerusalem. Through this programming, WCI and Sigma Labs will empower women in three key priority areas, including unlocking women’s access to capital, digitizing entrepreneurs, ensuring women’s financial security, and providing women access to employment that meets their level of training and education. more less

The Opportunity Project (TOP)

WCI is one of three organizations chosen by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the U.S. Census Bureau, and Instituto del Desarrollo de la Juventud (IDJ) to participate in The Opportunity Project (TOP) sprint focusing on creating a product to address children's resilience to adversity in Puerto Rico. Over the course of the 12-week sprint, WCI has been working with User Advocates to create a mental health toolkit for intermediate and high school students in Puerto Rico. At the conclusion of the sprint, WCI will pitch our mental health product to interested investors at a conference in Puerto Rico. more less


WCI is proud to share our four Ukrainian partners (3 of the 4 organizations are on the ground in Ukraine), including Voices of Children, the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors- Ukraine, and Help Ukraine. Center, and the $1K Project Foundation to provide other resources and services from medical supplies to mental services to refugees. WCI is committed to ensuring that Ukrainian women come out on the other side of this difficult historical moment stronger than ever. more less

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