Equality and Inclusion

We envision a world where equality and inclusion are at the core of all decision-making.

Women are an integral part of transforming their communities because they are often at the center of them. They listen to their communities and families and can mobilize around the needs of “we” instead of just “I”.
Representing nearly half of the population, it’s time women have a seat at the table. Solutions that reflect the needs and experiences of women will only be met when women are empowered to take leadership roles and incite change. Women’s Campaign International works to provide tools for young girls and women to become involved in civic engagement and normalize women in leadership roles.

Women in Leadership Roles

Gender-Based Violence

1 in 3 women have experienced gender-based violence in their lifetime.

Conflict Resolutions

Conflict resolutions are 64% more likely to last when women are involved.

Women of color accounted for less than 1% of Fortune 500 CEOs in 2020, which was still a higher percentage than ever before.

Young Women Are the Future

It is not enough for us at WCI to exclusively work with adult women. Without intervention, intergenerational trauma reaches girls at a young age and can leave young girls with the impression that women’s thoughts, experiences, bodies, and capabilities are less than those of men.

Being a Woman is Powerful

Every girl deserves to understand the intersectionality of her identities and feel pride in the personal power that comes along with them. We want to remove the stigma and shame girls can grow up experiencing about their bodies, sex, menstruation, and their needs.
We empower teenage girls through leadership programs for young women that integrate our values of collaboration, empathy, inclusion, and sustainability to know that their education, their futures, and their voices matter, and they have the power to decide who they want to love and what career they want to pursue.

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