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Covid-Free Ambassadors and Representatives (COFAR)

Philadelphia, PA

WCI is co-creating a series of virtual workshops with health, communications, and social influence professionals to equip Philly youth with a modern advocacy toolkit and coach them through campaigning to creatively address vaccine hesitancy.


Reducing Adolescent Pregnancy (RAP) in the Era of COVID-19

Reducing Adolescent Pregnancy (RAP) in the Era of COVID-19

Kenya & Malawi

RAP aims to equip teenage girls with the knowledge and support they need to make healthy decisions for their futures.

Girls Advocacy and Leadership Series (GALS)

Philadelphia, PA

Since 2010, GALS has equipped teenage girls in WCI’s home community of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the leadership skills, confidence and connections necessary to create meaningful social change.


Girls Advocacy and Leadership Series (GALS)

Girls Advocacy and Leadership Series (GALS)

Philadelphia, PA

Since 2010, GALS has equipped teenage girls in WCI’s home community of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the leadership skills, confidence and connections necessary to create meaningful social change.




Since 2006, WCI has worked with Parliament and grassroots organizations facilitating the education and training of women in leadership, communication, community engagement, and entrepreneurship. WCI facilitated conversations between men and women to improve leadership, diplomacy and inter-gender communications. Our initiative mobilized rural populations to network strategies on women’s rights issues, girls’ education, and the wellbeing of families and future generations in Afghanistan.


Girls Advocacy and Leadership Series (GALS)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Afghanistan Program


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Past Initiatives


Through "She is the Key" Initiative, WCI trained civil society leaders and university students in leadership and advocacy. This initiative established networks between young women leaders, fostered a mentorship system, and increased the use of new media technology through training programs and participatory workshops. In partnership with "She is the Key," WCI co-hosted a conference in Tirana to increase local awareness of human rights, economic empowerment and political participation in Albania.


WCI worked with members of the Aldeia Nova community to train women in entrepreneurship, organizational development, family budgeting and community building. Through the Supporting Esso’s Women’s Economic Opportunities Initiative, WCI addressed the four primary obstacles that prevent women from increasing their incomes and conducted trainings to ensure women have the capacity to increase their family income to drive social and economic change in their communities.


Throughout six major regions in the country, WCI partnered with local organizations and trained more than 62 women leaders in political leadership, and community mobilization, increasing the number of women in the National Assembly from 9.6% to 11.2%. The training helped support participants’ self-agency and confidence by broadening their knowledge on how to develop a campaign plan, use messaging techniques in dealing with the media and how to best connect with potential voters.


Held in Brussels, WCI partnered with both private and public stakeholders, training 30 women leaders from around the world on intentional negotiation skills. The Women’s Leadership Training inspired women leaders while focusing on building self-confidence, mutual trust, and building partnerships through effective networking. WCI trained and educated participants on effective leadership styles and communication skills in international environments.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In our inaugural program, WCI worked to increase women's political participation in encouraging democratic approaches to conflict resolution and implementing security-building measures in post-conflict Bosnia-Herzegovina. In collaboration with local women leaders, WCI designed a series of political and media-training workshops that addressed the specific needs of women during peace-building processes. 200 women political leaders participated in the training; 70 of the 200 participants (35%) were elected into office.


Through She is the Key Initiative, WCI trained women in leadership, civic engagement, and economic sustainability. The “Advancing Leadership for Balkan Women” conference focused on communication skills and providing women with the skills for a sustainable impact in local leadership. Through the conference, we facilitated dialogue between 30  women leaders and young women to form mentorships and support network building.


WCI worked with marginalized communities to increase women's political participation and support their involvement in the conflict transformation processes. WCI educated women in sustainable leadership and trained more than 300 women, representatives from numerous regional women’s networks, on advocacy, institutional strengthening and how to demand tangible change. WCI’s workshop facilitated conversation between more than 100 women and men indigenous community-members centered on reclaiming gender equality while still maintaining their spirituality and traditional lifestyle.


Partnering with the U.S. Agency for International Development and local grassroots organizations, in 2008 WCI worked with elected and future women Member's of Parliament on gender and leadership in public office. WCI facilitated regional and national candidate trainings and follow-up trainings for over 600 participants, including 450 women Members of Parliament. In addition, WCI facilitated Parliamentary staff trainings to improve gender relations and gender awareness in legislation and civil society, including trainings for male Members of Parliament on issues of importance to Ethiopian women.


WCI trained women on grassroots organizing, media advocacy, civic engagement, and economic empowerment. In partnership with Vital Voices Global, WCI’s Haiti program trained a total of 75 women leading to increased knowledge in effective and sustainable community development and facilitation of greater political participation among Haitian women.


WCI partnered with WISE (Women in Sustainable Enterprises)-Kenya to implement a summer Girls Advocacy and Leadership Series (GALS) program in 2019, training 32 teenage girls in leadership, communication, personal power, and advocacy. Now, we are working with Winam Green Ventures to implement our 2020 pilot program: Reducing Adolescent Pregnancy (RAP) in the Era of COVID-19.


Through She is the Key Initiative, WCI trained civil society leaders and university students in leadership and advocacy. Twenty to thirty girls attended half-day training held by WCI at the University of Pristina in Kosovo. Prior to the training, WCI conducted an informal evaluation of women’s status and needs by interviewing policymakers, young university trainees, and other women leaders.


Starting in 2007, WCI has taken a multi-stakeholder approach—working with grassroots organizations, Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Women Initiative, and UNICEF—to train women in conflict transformation, political participation, and entrepreneurship. WCI facilitated discussion on ways to reduce instances of gender-based violence, sexual exploitation and abuse. WCI trainers led workshops to impart relevant skills and knowledge to ensure women’s program efforts are sustainable.


Since 2002, WCI has facilitated and trained candidates on messaging framing, campaign planning, working with media, building self-confidence, public speaking, and networking. In total, 53 women candidates were trained to run successful political campaigns, 13 of the 27 women who won an election had attended at least one WCI workshop, and women’s political representation increased from 8% to 14%.

Middle East North Africa

Through Active Leaders for Women's Advancement in the Near East (ALWANE), WCI created a sustainable and active coalition of men, women, and youth, including leaders in economics, politics, civil society, and academia, to advance women's leadership and social change throughout 16 countries in the MENA region. ALWANE generated discourse around pressing challenges to women’s full participation in society, share intraregional success stories, and create fundamental change through targeted and wide reaching advocacy and policy work surrounding women’s rights and participation in society.


WCI trained 150 women leaders, including city council members, politicians, and NGO leaders, in effective media advocacy and political leadership. WCI facilitated conversations between women leaders to highlight vital aspects of networking in political leadership and activism.

Sri Lanka

Working with local organizations, WCI trained women in peace-building and conflict mitigation through increasing awareness of women’s leadership. WCI facilitated conversation between women entrepreneurs from the South, North and East. Sri Lankan women leaders (75 total) were trained on how to increase their advocacy for rural and indigenous communities and women’s rights.


Working with the U.S. State Department's women, Peace, and Security Initiative, WCI partnered with Ba Futuru, a local NGO focusing on gender, youth, and peace, to train women in civic engagement, conflict prevention, and entrepreneurship. WCI worked to increase economic sustainability through business skills training and promoting existing resources for entrepreneurs.

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