Why Women and Girls?

Here's five reasons we care.

Women are the center of communities.

Women know that in order to transform their communities they must start with mobilization, as consensus building and coalition building are essential to create shifts in mindsets and social norms. Women listen to their communities and families, and can mobilize around the needs of “we” instead of just “I”.

The role of women in the economy propels gender justice.

Women make up 49.6% of the world population, yet they only make up 38% of the formal workforce. If women were engaged in the formal economy, it would generate wealth for countries’ GDPs and women could have more legal protection under labor laws. Additionally, the economic inclusion of women creates opportunity for upward mobility in education, business, etc. This creates expertise, income, and financial growth that would have otherwise not existed, were the woman to rely solely on her husbands' or family’s income.

Women make up roughly half of the population, and their needs, experiences, voices, and concerns need to be represented at decision making tables.

Increased civic engagement of women has the power to normalize women in leadership roles, creating role models for young girls and shifting the narrative around what leadership looks like for all. When there is a propositional representation of women in political leadership, the laws, leadership, and decisions reflecting the needs and experiences of women and girls are met.

Join us in supporting women and girls as they become
leaders in their communities.

Women’s representation and engagement is critical for successful peacebuilding.

Conflict resolutions are 64% more likely to last when women are involved. Women make up the majority of refugees, and 1 in 3 women have experienced gender-based violence in their lifetime. More women need to be at conflict resolution tables to make these atrocities, and the succeeding repercussions of them, a part of the conversation.

It Starts With Girls

It’s not enough to exclusively work with adult women. We recognize the intergenerational trauma that is passed down through generations in societies that value women’s thoughts, experiences, bodies, and capabilities less than those of men. Every girl deserves to understand the intersectionality of her identities, and feel pride in the personal power that comes along with them.

We want girls to grow up without feeling shame about their bodies, sex, menstruation, and their needs. We want teenage girls to know that their education, their futures, and their voices matter, that they have the power to decide who they want to love and what career they want to pursue.

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