Our Mission

We believe empowering women and girls is a powerful catalyst in moving our world forward.


Working in emerging democracies and post-conflict regions around the world, Women’s Campaign International (WCI) is a not-for-profit organization that works to equip women to actively participate in public advocacy, market, and political processes. In providing the requisite skills, knowledge, and culturally-sensitive support, we develop leaders globally who transform the lives of everyone they serve.

Vision Statement

We envision a world of hope, courage, and compassion, where equality and inclusion are at the core of all decision making.

Our Values

We believe in creating and fostering ecosystems that are committed to holding space for tough conversations, leaning in to curiosity, and learning how to listen is key to empowering women to transform their communities. This collaboration is critical throughout our entire team—from our interns and leadership at WCI to our trainers and stakeholders around the globe.

We are committed to actively practicing non-judgement and vulnerability, leading with compassion, and seeking to understand different perspectives and experiences.

We know that the empowerment of women and girls means recognizing the intersectionality of the individuals and communities with whom we work.  Only once all voices are heard and all individuals are respected will we feel true liberation.

In our commitment to empower women and girls, we will strive to hold ourselves with integrity to our values, honor transparency, and remain true to our mission.

From diverse scenario planning and professional development within our HQ, to ensuring that local women are equipped to support themselves after the close of WCI programs through our ToT model, WCI values and prioritizes sustainability throughout our organization and our interventions.

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