Our Approach

WCI employs a holistic service delivery model, working with stakeholders to deliver programming to women and girls where they are and meet their needs through leadership training and education to become active leaders in their communities.

Training-of-Trainers Model

Historically WCI's program has been rooted in a Training-of-Trainers (ToT) model. We build local ecosystems with partners that foster the empowerment of women and girls.  

This paradigm shift occurs not just at the level of an organization or industry, but also the entire value chain in diverse ecosystems through an intentional approach to building girl and women leaders in a thoughtful, solutions-based manner.

Trauma-Informed Programming

WCI is a trailblazer in transformative leadership in an increasingly anxious world dealing with issues of deciphering what life and livelihood may look like.

We consider transformational leadership in a new economic paradigm that includes the following elements of psychological first aid:

  • Create a sense of safety
  • Create calm
  • Create self and collective efficacy
  • Create connection
  • Create hope

WCI's trauma-informed programming is a reflective process considering institutional policies, language, power structures, adversity and communities, and putting them into context.

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