Isabelle Orozco

Isabelle (she/her) graduated from Penn State with her Bachelor’s degree in Neuropsychology and French. She currently works at the American Psychological Association in the Women’s Portfolio, where she manages the traveling I am Psyched! Exhibit, a physical exhibit that shares the untold stories of women of color psychologists and encourages girls to join the fields of STEM. To further her interest in women’s rights, she joined the core team of the Developing Leaders Program of Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington, in which cohort members learn to become better reproductive health/justice activists. Isabelle is interested in all things women’s rights, most recently, girls rights to education and access to menstrual health resources. In the past, she has worked as an outreach coordinator in helping build a community of people who menstruate with the start-up De Lune. She plans to continue her studies, but for now, she is keen on learning more in the nonprofit world and expanding her knowledge. Aside from her professional world, she enjoys reading memoirs and fiction, as well as cycling, and eating all types of cuisines!

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