In order to get women a ‘seat at the table', WCI’s Political Participation & Civic Engagement curriculum trains women in political participation, campaign skills, and community involvement. Through working with elected officials, women's caucuses and other relevant groups, WCI provides training and assistance to increase local women's ability to participate in decision-making processes on local, state and national levels.

Transformative Campaigns


Designed to discuss “Women in the Political Arena”, WCI worked in Turkey in 2014 to familiarize participants with views on Women as Voters, Women Lobbying & Campaigning, Women’s Political Engagement, International Case Studies, and a Global Look at Women & Politics.


The training course: Women Leaders in International Relations, Comparing EU and US Experiences, was an incubator for transformative and inclusive global leadership for women engaged or willing to work in foreign policy in Belgium and Afghanistan.


From 2011-2013, WCI helped form the ALWANE Coalition with the support of the U.S. Department of State. The coalition included activists, entrepreneurs and youth committed to social change and gender equality across the Middle East and North Africa. The Coalition was comprised of 17 national committees and more than 100 committed public and private sector partners working to identify the most pressing issues facing women in the MENA region, and to design and implement nation-wide awareness campaigns. WCI provided the channels essential for the committees' outreach, and support their efforts to raise additional funds and establish the necessary partnerships to ensure long term sustainability and impact. WCI worked to establish the ALWANE Coalition as the foundation for sustained collaboration between leaders in the MENA region and within their individual countries.

Some examples of the country-specific programs WCI conducted include:

Bahrain: Women and E-Commerce

Kuwait: Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health

Iraq: Youth-to-Lead Media Campaign

Palestine: Social Media for Youth Advocacy; Job Skills for Young Women

Saudi Arabia: Women in Business; Women's Legal Rights


In partnership with the She Is The Key initiative, WCI co-hosted a conference on human rights and political participation for by 200 teenage girls in Tirana, Albania. WCI then provided leadership and advocacy training for law students in Albania, and the young women’s volunteer association at the American University of Kosovo.


WCI’s political participation program in Afghanistan trained 38 men and women members of the Afghan Diplomatic Corps and 22 Afghan civil servants from Kabul and Herat on leadership, inter-gender communication, diplomacy, public speaking, messaging, strategic planning, gender mainstreaming and combating gender stereotypes in the workplace. Additionally, 625 women were trained in campaign skills and supporting women political candidates through the creation of nationwide radio, TV, SMS and print media campaigns aimed at sensitizing all citizens, and particularly women leaders, to the need for and benefits of including women in democratic processes.