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Faria Rehman

Faria is a college student at the College of William and Mary, pursuing an interdisciplinary B.A. in Human Rights, as well as an exchange student at the University of Pennsylvania. She joined the WCI team in the Summer of 2019 as a Non-Profit Management Intern. Her current role at WCI consists of researching areas of need for women and girls in Afghanistan, developing new strategies for WCI programming around these needs, and coordinating with the WCI team in Afghanistan to continue striving for women’s rights in the region. Outside of WCI, Faria’s passions include advocating for survivors of sexual assault and de-stigmatizing post-traumatic stress disorder amongst survivor populations, promoting Palestinian human rights, and running a radio show. After finishing her undergraduate education, she hopes to go to law school and then pursue a career as a human rights lawyer to continue advocating for the rights of women and girls in the Middle East and Asia.


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