Amanda Morrison

Executive Assistant

Amanda first joined the WCI team as a Non-Profit Management and Fundraising Intern before starting the Executive Assistant position in February 2019. Her responsibilities at WCI include assisting the President with communication and outreach, and organizing and maintaining records. As a Global Studies and Strategic Communication double major at Temple University, she is passionate about global advocacy for women. She is a Springfield, Missouri, native who loves both her home state and the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia. In June 2018 she founded a non-profit called Missouri M.A.D.E.: Molding A Diverse Electorate, to inspire and empower more women to run for public office in Missouri. She also interned for a U.S. Senator and was a 2018 Mount Vernon Leadership Fellow. When she isn't studying, working at WCI, or preparing her future run for office, she's likely eating at a new restaurant in Philly or planning her next visit to a new country.