Edie Hunt

Board Chair

Edith Hunt has spent virtually all of her 32 year career at Goldman Sachs & Co. in New York. During the first half of her career she held a variety of positions from commodities trader to business unit manager to Chief Administrative Officer of the Fixed Income Division. She spent the second half of her career dealing with critical people issues of the firm, and rose to the level of Partner, serving as Chief Operating Officer of the Human Capital Management Division. In this capacity she had global responsibility for all of the recruiting, training and diversity initiatives of the firm. This role took her to dozens of countries where Goldman Sachs has offices and she has interacted with people from dozens of backgrounds across the globe.

In addition to having overall management responsibility for global training at the firm, she is an experienced hands-on presenter and trainer. She has trained audiences ranging from middle school, high school, university and graduate degree students to every level of investment banking employees from entry level to senior managers, and has trained financial services clients from across the globe. She has trained in locations ranging from inner city environments to elite corporate retreats and in locations as diverse as Manhattan, Salt Lake City, London, Bangalore, Beijing and Amman.Training topics include financial literacy, business ethics, self-empowerment and self-advocacy, presentation and communication skills, interview training (both for interviewers and interviewees), goal setting and performance management, having difficult conversations, motivating staff in tough times, networking, mentorship and sponsorship, the importance of building a culture in organizations and all aspects of diversity.

Ms. Hunt has an extensive portfolio of non-profit work. She is a founding member of the board of New Jersey Needs You, a mentoring and skills training program for first generation college students from New Jersey. She is on the board of Forte Foundation, having previously served as Chair of the Board. Forte is a consortium of major corporations and business schools which encourages women to pursue business careers and graduate studies in business. She is a founding member of the board of the Jersey City Fund.