In 1995, former Member of Congress, Marjorie Margolies, served as the Director of the United States delegation to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China. At this conference, 189 countries signed a shared commitment to achieving equality, development and peace for women worldwide. Inspired by these commitments, in 1998 Ms. Margolies founded Women’s Campaign International (WCI) to empower women to achieve these goals.

Now a renowned international NGO working with individuals and communities throughout the developing world, WCI provides the requisite skills, knowledge and culturally-sensitive support to develop leaders and transform communities.

Implementing a proven curriculum focused on sustainable capacity-building and community engagement, WCI’s programs have equipped more than 500,000 individuals with tangible skills in small business development/financial literacy, community engagement, political participation, campaign management, and conflict mitigation. Operating at local, national, and global levels since 1998, WCI has worked to establish and cultivate a leadership development pipeline for girls and women to effect worldwide change.


WCI empowers girls and women around the world to actively participate and fill leadership roles in the economy, community development, civil society, and peacebuilding efforts.


WCI envisions a world where women and men have equal seats at “the table” in social, political, economic and all other spheres around the world.