4.5 million people live in Liberia. Out of those, 1.1 million have no safe water, and 3.7 million have no sanitation. 

Through our experience and established networks across Liberia, WCI has seen the severe impact limited access to water continues to have on many of the communities in which we work. Moreover, as research and field experience has shown, this limited access disproportionately affects women. The burden falls on women and children, at times under dangerous conditions, to haul clean water every day in Liberia. 

89% of Liberian households retrieve water from outside their homes

 In April 2016, WCI successfully completed its first WASH project in Gokai township, Bong County, an area that was severely impacted by Ebola. WCI built a hand pump and latrine in Bong County's town center, serving 1,800 people who are now trained on the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene. WCI also provided educational trainings to the 1,800 person community in sanitation and hygiene. A water committee elected by the community was given the responsibility of maintaining the water pump and latrine to ensure that the structures continue functioning long after WCI programming has concluded. 

 In rural Liberia, 1 in 5 deaths are related to unsafe water or poor sanitation.