Some of our past and current program partners include:

Winning The Minds

Winning The Minds (WTM) is a nonprofit organization that gives full scholarships to male and female refugees in Pakistan to pursue a university degree in education.  In exchange for covering their education costs, WTM Scholars teach in local refugee communities for a year after graduation.  By combining WTM's network with WCI's technical expertise and experience in community advocacy and girls empowerment, WCI and WTM are working together to empower girls and communities in Peshawar, Bajaur and North Waziristan through the Global Advocacy and Leadership Series (GALS) program. 

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Ba Futuru


Ba Futuru, or "For the Future" in the native language of Timor-Leste, provides life-enhancing programming to children, adolescents, women, parents, teachers and key community leaders. Ba Futuru specializes in peace building, gender empowerment, child protection education, and conflict transformation. Ba Futuru has made significant progress in stopping violence through empowering people across Timor-Leste with conflict mitigation skills, positive discipline strategies, protection information and human rights awareness. This year, WCI launched programming in partnership with Ba Futuru using directed trainings, mentoring, and community theater to promote women's financial inclusion, small business development, and sexual and gender based violence prevention in Timor-Leste.

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Liberia Women Forum


The Liberian Women’s Forum (LWF) is a Liberian community based organization dedicated to advocating and providing support services for women and girls. Through a partnership with LWF, WCI will have the opportunity to implement the successful Global Advocacy and Leadership Series (GALS) program with local trainers in Liberia, while providing LWF with curriculum that they can utilize to improve their organization and programming. 

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Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women

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Since 2008, the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women initiative has helped foster economic growth by providing women entrepreneurs in 56 countries with business and management education and access to capital. The initiative is now expanding to reach up to 100,000 women through a first of its kind global finance facility launched in partnership with International Finance Corporation to increase access to capital for women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.
WCI is supporting the nearly 300 Liberian businesswomen who have completed the 10,000 Women program in Liberia. This support includes opportunities to build a business network, workshops to learn new business skills, meetings with potential investors, and an annual trade fair.

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The Foundation for Women's Rights Promotion and Development (FWRPD) enhances gender equality in Taiwan through research in policy and laws and regulations relating to women's rights and empowerment. Through their research and findings, FWRPD trains personnel and promotes public awareness of women's rights, while facilitating a dialogue between the government and private sector. FWRPD is WCI's primary Taiwanese partner in bringing women's empowerment training to the area.

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Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil Tradebrz is a South American Business Development Company with extensive experience in the area. WCI is partnering with Tradebrz to bring programming to the Sao Paulo region, empowering young female university students to acquire the confidence and skills necessary for success. 

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