WCI has been empowering women with the skills, knowledge, and support necessary to transform their lives and their communities since its founding in 1998. Through our programs, WCI works with political, business and civil society leaders, local in-country organizations, and passionate local partners to ensure that women have an opportunity to participate in the development of public policy, placing women’s issues on local, national and regional agendas. WCI's implements programming in four main sectors: 

Economic Empowerment —  WCI equips women to take a larger role in household financial decisions and start their own businesses through training in business and financial literacy skills, entrepreneurship, and basic budgeting. WCI has found that programs that encourage women’s economic ventures will significantly increase women’s self-confidence, their ability to manage household finances, and ultimately impact broader social change. 

Civic Engagement —  In order to increase the number and capacity of women leaders worldwide, WCI trains women in political participation, campaign skills, and community involvement, thus increasing their ability to be involved in decision-making processes on local, state, and national levels.  WCI works with elected officials, women’s caucuses and other relevant groups to provide training and assistance to incorporate gender into policy.  In short, WCI helps women get a place at the table.

Social Mobilization —  WCI’s social mobilization curriculum includes trainings in grassroots organizing, health messaging, and action planning, preparing women with the tools that they need to make positive, measurable change in their communities. As agents of change, these advocates learn to identify community issues, raise awareness, and engage key stakeholders.  As a result of WCI training, participants are equipped with the tools to influence policy and create the change they want to see  in their community and their nation.  

Peacebuilding and Conflict Mitigation —  Working with civil society groups, WCI creates trainings, programs, and media campaigns focused on enhancing the advocacy and leadership skills of women leaders, thereby increasing their ability to effectively participate in conflict prevention, mitigation, resolution and peacebuilding efforts. WCI educates communities and leaders about the importance of engaging women in the peacebuilding process, leading to peaceful solutions to community and national conflicts.