Leadership & Economic Empowerment - Liberia

In 2009, WCI conducted an assessment of rural women in Liberia, the goal being to better understand what they need to improve their overall situation. WCI concluded that their level of participation in the economy and civic matters was most detrimental to the advancement of their livelihood. The program ran from 2010 to 2013, and included key trainings and skills and support to increase women's effectiveness in the following areas:

 Organization Development         Campaign Skills Training
 Advocacy Training                       Leadership Training

 Business and Budgeting Skills     Value-Added Agribusiness
 Country Cloth Business Skills

The program was based on the following development hypotheses: if rural women are trained in the areas of organizational development, leadership, campaign skills, and advocacy, their civic participation will increase. Likewise, if rural women are trained in business and budgeting skills, value-added agribusiness, and country cloth business skills, their economic participation will increase. Consequently, if they increase both their civic and economic participation, they will make a significant positive impact on the country as a whole as it transitions from war.