WCI has reinvigorated our Afghanistan program! Afghanistan Program Manager Nasrin Rafiq recently concluded a workshop on "The Role of Media in Women's Empowerment in Afghanistan" in conjunction with Afghanistan's Ministry of Women's Affairs in Kabul. Participants discussed the role of the media as an important tool for communicating messages, and analyzed how the media can provide a space for disparate campaigns to identify opportunities and encourage more women to participate in political and social leadership at community levels. The workshop provided a critical space for participants to network with other women and men who are working for women's empowerment and to share the experiences and challenges that they are facing in their communities. The workshop concluded with participants brainstorming how to move forward and change the media's narrative of women from a story of victimization to a message of empowerment.

Our next set of workshops, focusing on women's access to finance and digital currency, will take place in August in Parwan, Pangshir and Bamyan with the support of Azizi Bank. We can't wait to tell you more about them!

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